Hail Damage Roof

Hail Damage

I would like some explanation from GAF on what was suggested by shingles being "within spec" since in my viewpoint, no asphalt roofing shingles with noteworthy bald locations can be considered having a long staying service life.

Weathered or worn asphalt roofing system shingles which are losing their mineral granules in the course of normal aging, if examined early in the wear cycle, currently reveal small locations of granule loss, beginning with bald areas on the shingles which might be just the diameter of a couple of mineral granules. If you are inspecting a building instantly following a hail storm, supplied it is safe to go outdoors (no lighting, no large falling hailstones, no other weather-related dangers), you might be able to scoop up a handful of hailstones. If you do, photo-document the size of the hailstones.
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Defective shingle item impacts will reveal up on all roof slopes (unless the roofing contractor did not set up the same product on all slopes) with variations in the degree of flaw appearance as a function of roof slope, sun direct exposure and the periodic look of individual bundles of shingles that were malfunctioning - for instance due to improper storage. (More sun, lower slope = quicker shingle wear). Some malfunctioning items show up as individual shingle damage in the middle of a field of shingles that otherwise look OK. Other kinds of malfunctioning shingle product such as breaking are explained at InspectApedia.com

Hail Damage Repair

The chalk marks were made on the roofing by a local inspector. In our roof damage picture revealed at left and above the circle/slash was a location where the roof inspector opined there was no damage, and the "FT" marked above that area was being utilized to show granule loss due to foot traffic.

Hail damage visible from ground level: Start by looking for evidence of hailstorm damage from the ground: mineral granules from asphalt roof might appear at the ends of downspouts; metal parts such as metal siding, air conditioning unit or heat pump condensers, and obviously autos left outdoors might be dented or damaged.

In other cases, if only a few bundles of shingles were malfunctioning, state from inappropriate manufacture or storage, asphalt shingle blistering may appear in shingles in a specific pattern on a roofing system following the application pattern of the shingles themselves as they were nailed to the roofing system. Considering that roofing shingles from a single package are generally applied over a single area of a roof, this pattern and cause may be self-evident on close assessment of the entire roofing.

Hail-damaged metal components: Justin Reichl (mentioned at the end of this short article) includes that you may see searching of painted or covered metal surface areas (metal roof or seamless gutters or flashings) or you might see damage areas on painted or stained wood surfaces at the building. Look for hail damage to on-roof components such as dented metal gutters or chimney caps, and valley flashing.

As this case report illustrates, multiple signs of wear or damage may be present on on a roofing system in addition to other roofing system shingle features that may be mistaken for damage. Sorting these out can confuse insurance modification claims and conflicts of interest may hide where an inspector doesn't wish to distress the insurance company or where she or he stands to benefit by performing repair work on the structure.

Hail Damaged Vehicles

We consist of pictures and text that assist recognize various kinds of roofing damage and wear, and we go over up-close assessment of wear locations to enhance the precision of roofing system damage or wear diagnosis. We discuss the role of hailstone size, direction, and velocity in roof damage from hailstorms, and we discuss the role of roofing slope or pitch, orientation and other aspects in roofing wear.

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Checking your roofing, for instance, if we saw shingle blisters on all slopes however open shingle blisters after a hail storm appearing primarily on low slopes or slopes facing the primary direction of impact of the hailstones, that would be an engaging argument for a hail-damaged roofing.

Hail Damage

Reichl likewise mentions that other roof materials such as metal roofing systems, fiber cement roofs, wood roofs, built-up roofs and clay or concrete tile roofings can likewise be harmed by bigger hailstones. (Reichl op. cit.)

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For a professional investigation of hail damage to asphalt shingles, see "Hail Damage to Asphalt Roof Shingles", Timothy P. Marshall, Richard F. Hertzog, Scott J. Morrison, Haag Engineering, Dallas TX.

Hail Damage Roof

In sum, ask the roof inspector for particular information that support his/her conclusions about the condition of the roofing system and about what caused its damage or wear. An inspector who offers just the "bottom line conclusion" without any supporting proof, does not be worthy of the confidence of the building owner.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be frustrating to handle. Typically individuals feel the circumstance may have been unavoidable and do not feel as though they need to need to pay for repairs or a deductible. Storm damage is one of those unanticipated life surprises everybody has to deal with from time to time. Bear in mind that deductibles remain in location to keep your general insurance costs at an affordable rate. Ideally, if you are caught in a storm, you had the foresight to purchase thorough protection on your cars if you are not equipped to self-insure. Otherwise, you have to make certain you are parking in a garage or under a covering such as a carport as frequently as possible.

Hail Damage Repair Cost

The picture at page top [and revealed once again at left] in this web short article on roof damage examinations reveals a circle with a line drawn thru and FT which I figure is meant to indicate "front". Exactly what does the circle with the line suggest? Appreciate your aid. - R.B.

Hail Damage Estimate

If you acquired liability only on your vehicle insurance policy, you will not be covered for a hail damage claim. Both hail and storm damage is covered under automobile insurance coverage which have noted detailed coverage on the damaged vehicle. Comprehensive protection has to be bought before damage takes place.

Here's my update. I had other roofers have a look. Among their photos of hail damage is listed below. They all stated I had significant hail damage. It was kept in mind there was pitting which could be brought on by blisters (defect?) There was independently lots of hail damage.

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The stucco front patio was enclosed in 2004 and the roofing over that part has similar shingles installed. In 2008, the addition which has the bay window in the back yard was constructed and also used the similar shingles. Please can you give me your evaluation. Thanks for your assistance. - Name withheld. 28 June 2015

Hail Damage Reports

We've been informed by [our insurance provider] that this is the outcome of manufacturer flaw. We filed a warranty claim with GAF and they declare their lab results show that the shingles are still up the MFG spec and this is hail damage. They will not cover this under warranty. I've been informed by 3 separate individuals (professionals and adjuster) that they've never seen shingles this bad prior to and that this is a severe defect.

I had an insurance coverage adjuster come out and he said I needed a total new roofing, new seamless gutters, replacement of different window screens and cladding, replacement of outside post lights, re-staining fence, etc.!

Locations of lost mineral granules will appear, with more extreme granule loss on roofing system slopes facing the instructions from which the hailstones fell (or blew) during the storm. Checking an asphalt shingle roof quickly after a hail storm, if the roofing system has actually been damaged, need to reveal that the areas of mineral granule loss have actually exposed "fresh" looking shingle substrate - the asphalt impregnated shingle substrate will not yet have actually been weathered by sun exposure.

As this case report highlights, several indications of wear or damage may be present on on a roofing as well as other roof shingle functions that may be mistaken for damage. We consist of photos and text that assist identify various types of roof damage and wear, and we talk about up-close evaluation of wear locations to check here improve the precision of roof damage or wear medical diagnosis. Reichl also points out that other roof materials such as metal roofing systems, fiber cement roofings, wood roofs, built-up roofings and clay or concrete tile roofs can likewise be harmed by larger hailstones. In amount, ask the roof inspector for specific information that support his or her conclusions about the condition of the roof and about exactly what triggered its damage or wear. Both hail and storm damage is covered under vehicle insurance coverage policies which have listed thorough coverage on the harmed lorry.

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